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Epiblema 2023
at Pint of Science


Epiblema 2023

Organic cotton, silk, nylon and cotton thread, lead pencil and ceramic weights.

This artwork is a creative response to the work of Reinhard Stoger and his Pint of Science talk, ‘Epigenetics: the landscape of memories in our cells’.
It considers the concepts of epigenetics and soft inheritance. Reflecting on the language and history of science, the work is based on the epiblema - a shawl, worn by men and women over their main garment in ancient Greece. Experimental shirring, smocking and embroidery techniques have been used to create a ‘soft landscape’, to emphasize the dynamic nature of our environments and epigenetics.

The exhibition was organised by Abi Smith at The Carousel Gallery Nottingham 19th May 2023.

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